Hello there! I’m Merilyn Ritchie. 

From the earliest moments of my life, an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and an unwavering passion for boundless creativity have been my guiding lights.

My professional journey kicked off in the vibrant realm of an innovative startup, centered around film and user experience. In this dynamic setting, I took on various roles, delving into app functionality, crafting written content, devising marketing strategies, and even donning the hats of a creative director and writer for a unique film-focused cookbook. This diverse experience not only sharpened my skills but also nurtured my innate ability to seamlessly merge creativity with practicality.

Fueled by my desire to break new ground in the creative industry, I co-founded EX Media, a visionary firm based in Miami. Through EX Media, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with a range of exceptional brands, crafting experiences that are thoughtful and unforgettable. Our work speaks volumes about our capacity to blend imagination, strategy, and innovation effortlessly, resulting in captivating brand experiences that deeply resonate with audiences.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I actively contribute to the non-profit sector as a proud member of the board of directors for Refresh Bahamas. Driven by a steadfast commitment to creating positive change, I actively engage in shaping the organization’s mission and making a tangible impact within the community.

I’m constantly on the lookout to connect with individuals and brands that share my core values of Passion, Integrity, Authenticity, and Creativity.

Would you like to connect? Feel free to reach out to me.