Here’s a snapshot of some of the things I’ve done and continue to do, with my occasional musings on why this stuff matters. Want to learn more? Let’s connect.

EX Media

A few examples of long-form articles and web content I’ve crafted for EX Media, the Miami-based digital marketing agency I co-founded in 2017.


I’ve been crafting a comprehensive content strategy for the upcoming Arawak real estate mobile app, an innovative platform geared towards Caribbean markets. From brand messaging to building web and UX content, I aim to ensure that users have access to everything they need once this exciting new app launches in 2023.

Brand Messaging / UX Content for Arawak

The Ecology Works

As the marketing extension for The Ecology Works since 2020, I have used my expertise in content marketing, brand messaging, SEO optimization, email marketing, Google Ads placement, social media, and targeted social media ads to deliver a steady stream of thousands of organic visitors each month and boost customer loyalty for this West Palm Beach-based brand. In particular, my content marketing efforts have resulted in a 700% increase in web traffic.

In addition to my digital marketing efforts, I have also worked to improve The Ecology Works’ brand messaging. I have developed a new tagline that better reflects the company’s mission, and I have created a new brand identity that is more visually appealing and memorable.

Vital Oxide

I have provided comprehensive digital marketing solutions to Vital Oxide since 2019. I have helped to enhance their online presence through content strategy and development, SEO optimization, holistic brand messaging efforts, email campaigns, social media management, and targeted advertising initiatives. These efforts have helped to increase awareness and drive sales for their broad-spectrum disinfectant product portfolio.

For example, the cat odor blog that I created in 2021 has had over 260,000 unique reads. This blog post has helped to position Vital Oxide as a leading authority on cat odor removal, and it has generated a significant number of leads and sales.


In 2022, I crafted a bundle of web and social media content for SOJE, the only Native American tribally owned-and-operated hemp cigarette brand in the nation. This content included blog posts and social media posts that were designed to raise awareness of SOJE’s products and mission.

The blog posts that I wrote focused on the environmental benefits of hemp, the benefits of biodegradable hemp packaging, and the importance of supporting Native American businesses.

Brand Messaging / Social Content


As a content strategist, I’ve been helping enhance the organic reach of TheArtList since 2021 through engaging, well-researched articles. TheArtList is a platform connecting visual artists and photographers seeking income and exhibition opportunities. The articles I’ve crafted help foster meaningful connections between creatives while they pursue their dreams.

The Signature Real Estate Companies

I’ve been crafting content for The Signature Real Estate Companies’ various brands since 2021, including Signature Florida, The Signature Real Estate School, Signature International Real Estate, Signature Commercial, and Signature One. In that time, I’ve written and edited blog posts, articles, website copy, and marketing materials for all of these brands. I’ve also developed and executed content marketing strategies that have helped to increase brand awareness and lead generation.

Revival Goods

I’m the wordsmith (and photographer) behind Revival Goods, an e-commerce site specializing in secondhand and vintage finds. I enjoy highlighting the history and uniqueness behind every item.

Film & Fork

Film and Fork will always be one of my favorite projects. I conceptualized and wrote the recipes for this movie-centric cookbook, published in 2016.

CustomPlay & PopcornTrivia

From 2010 to 2017, I produced content for cutting-edge movie technology, including CustomPlay’s revolutionary one-screen and second-screen applications and PopcornTrivia, a wildly popular movie trivia app that has had over 26 million unique plays.

All Campus Security

In 2018, I produced a series of guides, white papers, and case studies for All Campus Security, a Houston, Texas-based security systems dealer.

Additional Client Work

A few more examples of past client work for various niches, from social media content to long-form articles.