The Sun is Shining

On a recent Saturday morning, I had an encounter that profoundly impacted me. While running errands, I heard an older gentleman softly singing to himself, and his voice was truly remarkable. He sang a low gospel blues tune. Deep and soulful.

As I paused to listen, I turned to the man and said, “Good morning, sir. Your song is so beautiful.” 

In response, he gruffly replied in a manner befitting a cantankerous old man, “No, only creole,” before returning to his shopping. 

I smiled and began to walk away, but something inside me clicked. I took out my phone and quickly composed a message using Google Translate: “Your singing is beautiful, and it touched my heart. Wishing you a beautiful day.”

Turning back to the gentleman, I handed him my phone as he read the message out loud. 

In an instant, his face transformed into a beaming smile, and he grasped both of my hands, remarking gently, “Thank you. The sun is shining.”

Though our entire interaction lasted mere moments, its impact resonates within me.

Ordinarily, I would have acknowledged the encounter inwardly, continued on my way, and let it fade from memory.

Yet, this brief exchange serves as a poignant reminder to approach life with warmth and openness. 

We are all connected.

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